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Cap and Trade

Over the coming weeks I will make available my views on subjects that impact Lincoln County.

The concept of Cap and Trade is sound but I cannot support it as mandated by Governor Brown. Under Governor Brown’s order well financed polluters can afford to purchase the carbon credits that would allow them to conduct business as usual at a lower cost than modernizing and updating their equipment and business practices. At the same time small businesses that can neither afford to pay for the carbon credits or the updated equipment needed to produce fewer emissions may face an uncertain future. There is no one answer to curb carbon emissions but to force all Oregonians to accept this plan without input into how it was crafted and will be implemented is wrong. To craft a true solution all sides must come together, put aside their political views and cut the rhetoric. It is when we treat people as intelligent beings and place value on their ideas real progress is made. A coalition of environmental groups and business groups such as Timber Unity could craft a bill that all sides could agree on. I believe that if people are given incentives, positive input we all benefit. As the leaders and face of government in Lincoln County, our county commissioners do not discuss and have not taken a stand on cap and trade. Governor Brown’s order will affect us all and they should have been front and center from the beginning asking the governor to work with all the state legislators to find solutions that are best for each area of the state. And if elected I will lead not follow and I will work with all groups to find common solutions to common concerns.