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Lincoln County Animal Shelter

The Lincoln County Animal Shelter run by the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office is one of the many things funded by the county. The original shelter was built over 50 years ago and over the years has seen several modifications the last were the result of the work done by the Friends of the Lincoln County Animal Shelter (FOLCAS) and was paid for by the Central Coast Humane Society.

However, both the old and new sections of the building had problems such as a leaky roof, inadequate plumbing and an overloaded electrical system. The Sheriff’s Office and the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners (LCBOC) were notified, and although repairs were attempted the problem persisted and got steadily worse for a number of years. Then in 2019 due to the deterioration and build-up of toxic mold it was deemed unsafe for both the staff and the animals they cared for. Emergency action was taken. Animals were transferred to other facilities. The shelter staff handled the situation efficiently, effectively and with great professionalism as they continued to care for the animals that were not able to be placed in other shelters.

At present our animal shelter is operating at its Harney St. location while the LCBOC are working on a plan to relocate the shelter near the Newport Airport. Whatever their decision, I feel that the new location and facilities should allow for future expansion of the shelter so that it can take in not only more dogs and cats but also the wide variety of domestic animals small and large found in Lincoln County. The shelter should also have the ability to form partnerships with other groups to expand services. Such as working with the Humane Society, and Veterans support groups to start a “Service Dogs for Veterans Program” where qualified shelter animals are trained to assist Veterans suffering from physical and mental trauma. And possibly the Lincoln County Jail on a “Prison Pet Partnership Program” where inmates learn how to train and care for animals. Let’s take the time we need to find the very best location and build a facility that is forward thinking and can be adapted as our needs change.

And now here is where the kibble hits the road. This is Fidget (a.k.a. Baroness Underbite) a Chow Chow we adopted in 2011, she is our 4th Oregon pound puppy and 6th shelter dog overall.