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Who am I?

Elect Betty Kamikawa as county commissioner and you choose common sense, compassion, thrift, and change. Her experience is on the record as a Toledo city councilor, as a scientist, as a mother, as a foster parent, as a leader of Girl Scouts who changes lives.

Betty and her husband Dan have three children Hanna, Annabell and Tristin. Since becoming a parent Betty has been dedicated to helping families have access to affordable quality childcare. That is one of the reasons she and her husband became foster parents.

As a groundfish ageing specialist with the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission, she understands that sustaining valuable natural resources means understanding whole systems, including economic impacts. Whether for budgets or blue waters she will propose comprehensive solutions based on facts.

That’s why she earned The Lynne Angland Award: Honoring Contributions to Oregon’s Child Care & Early Education System. Betty took on the role of Chairperson for the Newport Childcare Committee in 2000 and served in that capacity until 2014. She also became a member of the Lincoln County Association for Family and Community Education (FCE) in 1999 serving as President from 2001-2014.

Having worked with the Early Childhood Coordinating Council for many years, Betty and the FCE along with other community members opened the non-profit Central Coast Child Development Center in Toledo that operated from 2008-2014.

Elect Betty Kamikawa for Lincoln County Commissioner Position 2 and you will elect not a bragging politician but an experienced manager, mother, scientist, and a public servant unafraid to ask hard questions and answer them clearly.


Since 2003 Betty has led Girl Scout Troop 10099 in Toledo and has served in the positions of Service Unit Manager, Registrar and Product Manager for Girl Scout Service Unit 27 that encompasses all of Lincoln County. In her 17 years as a leader Betty has touched the lives of over 300 girls many of whom are now wonderful adults in our community.

Since 2018 Betty has been working to educate the residents of Lincoln County on alternate disposal methods for biosolids other than land applications.

Betty advocates for the homeless in Lincoln County as President of the Board of Directors for Grace Winds Haven, a Day Resource Center for the Homeless located on 1st street in Newport. With hands-on commitment in the winter of 2019-2020 Betty assisted in the day to day operations of the winter overnight shelter at the Lincoln County Commons.

Betty believes that by setting long term and annual goals the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners (LCBOC) can create a county wide strategic plan that will allow Lincoln County to grow and prosper into the future.

The LCBOC needs to think ahead, create transparency in budgeting and appointments, and it needs to include of all points of view. The commissioners should not act for us, but with us because our citizens are our greatest assets. Give Betty the honor to be your next County Commissioner, and she will work hard to restore past programs, expand existing programs, and find sources and funding for new programs that address children and families, mental health, affordable housing, and homelessness in Lincoln County.

She will collaborate with the cities, towns, and unincorporated areas to create an environment that supports existing businesses as well as attracts new businesses and jobs. For Betty it is all about being proactive not reactive.

To learn more or to contribute to her campaign go to Betty Kamikawa for County Commissioner on Facebook, bettykamikawa.com, or call 541-961-4482 or email blkamikawa@gmail.com Contributions can be sent to Elect Betty Kamikawa at PO Box 511, Toledo, OR 97391.

Remember: in Oregon the first $100 of campaign contributions are a direct credit against taxes owed.